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Procuit Engine License is a dynamic and free website built with the Procuit RKS Engine. The Procuit Engine can be independently licensed to create private and secure educational communities. Contact Procuit for more licensing information.

Procuit supports the following customers:

  • Public and Private Schools Public and private school can leverage their existing private internet domains to provide a comprehensive educational system that is restricted to their students and controlled by their teachers. Students can use their local community to create study courses, author lessons, and prepare for specific exams. Teachers can use their local community to build content, create tests, provided customized tutoring and instruction, and to insure that every student has an easy method to master important material. School administrators can use Procuit's import/export capability to import work done on the public sites to their protected school implementation.

  • Corporate Businesses can leverage Procuit to quickly and inexpensively build and certify knowledge that is key for business success. Certify your employees, contractors, and partners have mastered the information required to do their jobs. Procuit makes it possible for most corporations using intranets or the internet to dramatically cut training and educations budgets while significantly improving outcomes.

  • Local and State Governments Local and State Government(s) can use the Procuit engine to provide training and education for government workers and constituents.

  • Not-For-Profit Procuit may donate a significant percentage of the cost of customizing and licensing our core engine for select not-for-profit corporations. Procuit considers it a privilege to give back to the community. Procuit will entertain partnerships with qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations to help raise support for the customization costs of their projects