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Have you even attended a lecture and learned many new and interesting things, only to realize a few days later that you couldn't recall any of it? Most people don't have a problem learning new things, they hear them and understand them perfectly. Learning isn't the problem, recall is. It is easy for people to understand the fact "The 19th President of the United States was Rutherford B. Hayes." However, it is one thing to understand a fact, and quite another to recall it successfully days, weeks, or months later.

Exponential Nature of Forgetting
Hermann Ebbinghaus was a German psychologist who pioneered experimental study of memory. In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus published a paper where he described the exponential nature of memory in the equation R=e-t/s where R is memory retention, S is the relative strength of memory, and t is time.

What does this equation mean practically? Well it means that if you learned a set of 20 facts today on U.S. Presidents, and don't review them at all, then it is highly likely that in 30 days you will remember only one or two of them. In fact, only a few days after you learn a set of facts you may only be able to recall a fraction of them, unless they have somehow been reinforced. Anybody teaching or attending class, or preparing for an exam, should understand the exponential nature of memory.

Retain and Recall What You Study
StudyTag helps you retain and recall the fact that you study. Using advanced algorithms that track your knowledge and reduce your effort, StudyTag actually makes it possible to study smarter, not harder.

Study Almost Anything
StudyTag may be used to study almost anything, from Ancient Armenian Artifacts to Zoology. If a subject contains new vocabulary, facts, or equations that you need to rapidly and successfully recall, then StudyTag is the tool for you. You may be able to find an existing course on a subject you are studying using StudyTag course search. Once the course is found, simply assign it to yourself and StudyTag does the rest. Over time StudyTag prompts you to do the next appropriate learning and recall activity, slowing building and strengthening your retention and recall. Most activities will take less than one minute. Over time you will learn, and then master, the facts in the course. It happens so effortlessly it doesn't even feel like studying.

Author and Share Content
If StudyTag doesn't have the lesson you need, no problem. StudyTag makes it simple to quickly enter the facts you need to retain and recall. With StudyTag it is simple to create, publish, and share your courses. Simply enter the facts you wish to recall and watch StudyTag automatically turn them into many different questions, helping you to successfully retain and recall the facts.

Recall More with Less
Every time you interface with a fact on StudyTag we record the strength of your memory, as reflected in Hermann Ebbinghaus's original equation. We used this to build a map of your fact recall, allowing StudyTag to focus on your problem areas, saving you time, and optimizing your learning experience. With StudyTag you will be able to recall more facts, faster, with less work.

StudyTag will forever change how you master and recall information. But don't just take our word for it, try it yourself. Learn the Presidents, the Provinces of Canada, African Countries, or one of hundreds of certified lessons that are freely available on StudyTag.

Security & Privacy allows for parents and teachers to leverage the entire community or to focus their students on a small set of pre-approved content. StudyTag permits unpublished lessons and private courses so users have the option to keep content out of public view. Businesses and schools can improve security further by licensing Procuit's engine that was used to create

A Global Learning Community
The world changed with the Internet. It is now possible to to build a global learning community that freely authors and shares courses and lessons. Discover the 100s of features we provide in StudyTag to make you a subject master. Look around and tell us what you think, and thank you for visiting StudyTag. Get started today!